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Canada Science and Technology Museum


Ian H. Maclean R.P.A.

Capital Projects Manager Facilities and Protection Services Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation

Earlier this year, we carried out renovations at a property in Ottawa, Ontario which houses, among other things, documents, photographs and other artifacts which form an important part of the Museum’s collection. A highly significant part of this project was the supply and installation of a “Cold Room” or “Walk-in Cooler” – a storage facility for certain artifacts with complete and very specific environmental control capabilities with respect to both temperature and relative humidity.

The unit designed and installed by Can-Trol Environmental Systems, under the direction of Mike Sabino, completely met and, in fact, exceeded our design criteria. The commissioning of the unit spanned four weeks, as every aspect of its operation and performance required meticulous verification due to the sensitivity of our collections. Can-Trol provided a detailed training session attended by members of our staff and representatives of our service contractors. The operating manuals they have provided are detailed and comprehensive.

We would not hesitate to recommend Can-Trol for future projects of this nature. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to make arrangements to visit the site to see the unit.