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Client Reviews

Read a sample of reviews and letters of recommendation from our clients.

Ian Hammond

Facilities Manager Cytochroma Inc.

I would just like to say thanks for a job well done, the Cytochroma project was a fast one.

We had full construction going on here walls going up all over the place, your company came in with all the cold room parts ready to install. When the area was clear for you, your team installed the room and tested it out. It is very nice nowadays to deal with a company that gives attention to details.

As you well know I’m working on the next project and will need another cold room, look forward to working with you again.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Can-Trol any time.


Ian H. Maclean R.P.A.

Capital Projects Manager Facilities and Protection Services Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation

Earlier this year, we carried out renovations at a property in Ottawa, Ontario which houses, among other things, documents, photographs and other artifacts which form an important part of the Museum’s collection. A highly significant part of this project was the supply and installation of a “Cold Room” or “Walk-in Cooler” – a storage facility for certain artifacts with complete and very specific environmental control capabilities with respect to both temperature and relative humidity.

The unit designed and installed by Can-Trol Environmental Systems, under the direction of Mike Sabino, completely met and, in fact, exceeded our design criteria. The commissioning of the unit spanned four weeks, as every aspect of its operation and performance required meticulous verification due to the sensitivity of our collections. Can-Trol provided a detailed training session attended by members of our staff and representatives of our service contractors. The operating manuals they have provided are detailed and comprehensive.

We would not hesitate to recommend Can-Trol for future projects of this nature. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to make arrangements to visit the site to see the unit.


Lisa Kurina

Sr. Project Manager

The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada facility is a landmark project for the City of Toronto that has been very well received by the public and a building that PCL are very proud to have been a part of. Without the assistance of Subcontractors such as yourself this facility would not have been possible.

Although this was a difficult project to execute we were able to rise to the occasion with the assistance of your company and all of our Subcontractors. I would like to personally thank you, along with the entire PCL team, for your hard work, dedication and the support you provided to us.

We look forward to our next project together.



Scientific Leader, Technical Support Services Apotex Richmond Hill

This letter is to confirm CANTROL Environmental Systems Ltd. has successfully supplied and installed several walk-in refrigerators, incubators, and stability chambers through many of our facilities over the past few years.

The consistency and dependability of these chambers has been outstanding, which has resulted in CANTROL becoming a preferred vendor in this area of expertise.

I would not hesitate to provide a full endorsement of their abilities with respect to design, installation, qualification and project management.


Glen P. Kenny (PhD)

Full Professor and University Research Chair (Environmental Medicine) Director, Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit University of Ottawa

It is my pleasure to provide a letter of reference for Can-Trol Environmental Systems. Can-Trol Environmental Systems has fabricated and installed a number of environmental chambers for my research unit over the past 25 years. More recently they installed a state-of-the-art chamber that houses the world’s only fast response air calorimeter – a system for making very rapid and precise measurements of the heat emitted by the human body. The service we receive by Can-Trol Environmental Systems is outstanding. They provide dependable and rapid service when repairs are required. This is especially important for my research unit given the high volume of research activities undertaking in my research unit.

Many international scientists visit my laboratory and or inquire about my systems. Without hesitation, I have always recommended to my colleagues Can-Trol Environmental Systems to construct and install a chamber that meets for their specific scientific needs.


Murray M. Humphries

Associate Professor & NSERC Northern Research Chair Department of Natural Resource Sciences Macdonald Campus, McGill University

Can-Trol Environmental recently designed and installed a walk-in environmental room for use as an animal holding facility in a McGill research center. I am pleased to report that I found Can-Trol to be very competent, capable and helpful at all stages of the project, from initial design through to installation and service.

As a biological researcher, I knew what I needed the room to do, but nothing about the mechanics and construction required. Can-Trol staff were patient, flexible and innovative through the process, and, in the end, created the room I needed. I am pleased to recommend Can-Trol Environmental for similar projects.