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Cold Rooms & Freezers

At Can-Trol, we offer cold rooms that provide precise temperature control of ±0.2 ° C and uniformity tolerance of ±2.0°C which meet USP storage conditions and validation requirements.

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Metabolic Testing Chambers

Our controlled environment chambers are designed for precise control of temperature and humidity, making them ideal for metabolic testing, simulation and more. We offer installation across North American, a wide variety of warranties and professional engineer shop drawings with a…

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Stability Chambers

Stability chambers are designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry for the purpose of shelf life testing products and packaging conforming to current Health Canada, FDA and ICH standards. Stability chambers provide controlled temperature and humidity environments. Ca…

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Mortuary Rooms

We offer installation across North America, with a wide variety of warranties and professional drawings with all mortuary room solutions.

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We provide incubators and temperature control rooms to a wide variety of different organizations, institutions and research facilities across North America.

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Controlled Environment Rooms

Can-Trol Environmental Systems specializes in controlled environment rooms that are safe, effective, reliable and stable. We provide all-in-one turnkey solutions to the often complex problem of precisely controlling the environment in a room or chamber. We proudly design, man…

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